Rosalind Kress Haley Collection

The Rosalind Kress Haley collection spans the years of the 1930s to 1990s. The collection is composed of files from Rosalind Kress, J. Evetts Haley, Norman Dodd, and Robert Francis, an American Legion activist in Florida. Also, included in the collection is a set of files that came from Ronald Reagan's pre-presidential campaign. Because of the importance of the Reagan material, this collection has been separated from the entire collection.

Materials from the other collections are interspersed through the Haley collection and were not specifically identified in the original collection. The Haley collection is diverse and wide-ranging, including right-wing and left-wing activities in the United States, as well as specific subject files pertaining to Latin America and Africa. Major focuses of the collection are Communism, anti- Communism, civil rights, education, anti-war and campus protest, and conservative grassroots activism. Materials include pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, handouts, extensive correspondence, posters, news clippings, and speeches.

The Haley Collection is divided into six series, Issues, Education, Haley Personal files, Norman Dodd, New Material, and Ronald Reagan.

Issues Series [125 boxes] contains a wide range of subjects including the anti-war peace groups, rightwing groups, Catholics and specific causes, civil rights, political party conventions, Cuba, national defense, student activists, Florida American Legion, UNESCO, union activity, publications of subversive organizations, Texas, Red China, Black Panthers, Harrisburg Defense Committee, Harlem Six, Hammer and Steel (Maoist) newsletters, SDS founding documents, Independent Communist League newsletter, Independent Americans (Utah), Minutemen, National Rifle Association promotion mailings, Patriotic American Youth (pamphlets), Red China (pamphlets and Committee of One Million material), religion (Church League of America and American Legion material), Spotlight (NY, 1953-65), Texas Conservative Union, Texas Eagle Forum, Panama Canal, and Vietnam War photographs (Viet Cong atrocities). Materials include pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, handouts, mailings, resolutions, speeches, photographs, transcripts, and correspondence. Correspondence includes R. A. Francis, Herman Talmadge, George A. Smothers, Strom Thurmond, and Bella Dodd.

Education Series [13 boxes] topics include Communism, textbook censorship, conservative activism, textbook evaluation, sex education controversies, prayer in schools, IYC, state education issues, phonics, Keynesism, SIECUS, tests, textbooks (Mel Gabler), and values clarification. Materials include pamphlets (some rare), newsletters, grassroots leaflets and letters, handouts, testimonies and correspondence. Correspondence includes Bella V. Dodd, Peggy Donnellto, Robert H. Finch, Rosalind Frame, R. A. Francis, James Kilpatrick and Governor Claude R. Kirk. Congressional testimonies on National Commission on Teacher Education Act (1984) include Edward Zorinsky, Samuel Blumenfeld, Patrick Groff, Dr. David C. Smith, Judy Zabel, and Jacob Epstein.

Haley Personal Series [3 boxes] contains J. Evetts Haley's and Rosalind Kress Haley's personal and political correspondence; positional writings; Ed Walsh (Texas representative) and some J. Evetts Haley campaign materials; bios; UNESCO material including mailing lists, speeches, extensive correspondence and clippings. The time span is 1950s - 1990s. The J. Evetts Haley and Rosalind Kress Haley material was not separated in the original files. Correspondence includes John Connally, Philip Crane, Ronald Reagan, Arch B. Marshall, Nickey Loeb, and Howard Kershner. Other noted individuals include Wendy Borcherdt, Dan Lyons, and Betty Russinoff.

Norman Dodd Series [2 boxes] contains correspondence with various individuals; Foundations materials including Norman Dodd's writings; conservative pamphlets and bulletins; Roman Catholic and Sons of the American Revolution materials. The time span is 1950s - 1960s. Correspondence includes Frank A. French, Ellyn Lake, Charles W. Thomas, Mrs. Claire de Hedervary, Mrs. Howard C. Christy, and Hon. Edgar W. Heistand.

New Material Series [4 boxes] was processed after the initial gift. Contains William Ware (a Texas conservative activist) materials including, speeches, rightwing newsletters, reports and radio commentaries. Correspondence includes Freda Utley, Karl Hess, and J. Evetts Haley.

Ronald Reagan Series [10 boxes] materials were part of the Rosalind Kress Haley collection. The majority of material in the collection pertains to the Citizens for the Republic PAC founded by Governor Reagan in 1977. Correspondence includes Ronald Reagan, Paul Laxalt, Darrell M. Trent, Lyn Nofziger, Howard Phillips, Paul Weyrich, Charles Martin, Bob Packwood, and Sabra Tull Meyer. Restricted material includes photos of Ronald Reagan, Reagan correspondence with John H. Lawrence, John N. Mitchell, Walter Knott, Spiro Agnew, Bing Crosby, Robert Cummings, Jerry D. Lewis, John Wayne, Jane Wyman, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., and Barry Goldwater.

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